Trading innocence for cash

Hi Alex,

It's June only a few more weeks until you are done with second grade.  You turned eight this past March.  I want you to know these details while I recount this story to you.  

This past weekend you lost another tooth while you were sleeping and either swallowed it in your sleep or it's hiding somewhere tangled in the sheets or under you bed.  In either case, you asked if you should write a note so that the tooth fairy would know to come and visit.  You even asked me where you think you should put it so the tooth fairy would be able to find it easily.

The next morning, SURPRISE, the tooth fairy had left you five dollars and her calling card of a little flower sticker on the note you had written.

You were in your room and I casually mentioned, "Oh look what the tooth fairy left you."  You looked and said, "How cute, mom.  You put a little sticker on the note for me!"

I looked at you with bemused horror and shock.

"I mean, the tooth fairy put a little sticker..."

"I mean, the tooth fairy lives inside of you?"

"Just don't tell your sister, Alex.  Okay?"

"Deal.  But do I still get money for my other teeth?"

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