The month of December, recovering from her surgery...

....has been a whirlwind.  So much to write.  So much to remember.

Since the last post was about the anxiety I was feeling before Avery's surgery, I wanted to write that she is fine.  My memories of that day include Avery's anxiety manifesting itself as anger - angry that she had to wear the hospital pajamas and a hospital bracelet and that she had to go into an operating room and breathe into a mask.  Her tiny fingers clutched onto me for dear life as the anesthesiologist had her breathe into a mask.

The surgery was successful.  And then the anger returned in post-op.  Amongst the meek other children in recovery, Avery was a banshee "GET ME OUT OF HERE!" she screamed repeatedly. "I WANT MY OWN PAJAMAS!"  "GET THIS IV OUT OF ME" (and then) "GET THIS BAND-AID OFF WHERE THE IV USED TO BE".  The nurses actually let us leave a half hour earlier than they were supposed to because she was inconsolable.  And as soon as she got back into the car she seemed completely fine.

And then we got home and she seemed completely fine.  It was difficult to keep her from jumping around.  She was eating everything, including all of those 'no-no' foods that we had promised her because we thought that she would not be able to eat at all.  We were in the clear - she was the strongest little girl ever, impervious to pain!

And then...

A few days later, the low grade fever and throat pain and malaise set it.  Oh, so this was when the worst would be.  And at night, the anesthesia seemed to be causing strange dreams and night terrors so none of us were sleeping well. (A sleeping chart was created to try and coax and bribe her into better habits).

But we are past it now.  Her congestion is less and her nose does not run nearly as much.  Hooray! (Although she does have pink-eye right now - Pinkalicious!)


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