2011 The Halloween That Wasn't

Dear Kids,

I want you to remember the year that you were seven and three (or almost eight and almost four, as you both like to remind me) and the storm that we have just experienced.  For the very first time in your lives, our house was without power for three days.  We stayed with family and friends because it was too cold and dark to stay in our own home and I want you to always remember how kind people are.

Sadly, this is the Halloween that wasn't.  There were too many tree and power wires in the road so it was not safe to trick-or-treat.  You have not yet worn your costumes or gotten any candy, but you have been such good kids an have not complained even one bit.

You will have many Halloweens in the years to come, but I think that this will be the one that you remember most - the Halloween that wasn't.

Thank you for being such good kids.



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