Proud mama

Dear Alex, 

I want to make sure I document the good along with the bad. This post definitely falls into the "good" camp.  

Last week, you were playing in the backyard with Josh and David and you lost one of your big front teeth. Like every other kid that this happens to, you now have a goofy smile (and the other big front tooth is hanging on by a thread!). What the loss of this tooth really signals for me in some odd kind of way is a sign that you are really growing up. Whether it is coincidence or not, many other amazing achievements have also occurred over the past few weeks. 

1. At Rosh Hashanah dinner, you were humming a song and then questioned who sang it. You answered yourself (black eyed peas), but your dad countered that it was someone else (he believed it to be Rihanna and Nikki Minaj). Your dad challenged you to NEVER question him when it comes to pop culture, that he would even bet you an itouch if you were right. You could have backed down, but you held your ground against your dad in a battle of pop culture and won (an ipod touch, no less!). 

2. You are playing and loving playing flag football. In two leagues! You like playing defense. You are discovering your inner athlete. You enjoy tossing a football around with your dad on the front lawn. 

3. You are not loving playing basketball, but are sticking with it. I think I am more proud of your stamina and dedication to something that is not as easy or fun for you. 

4. You ran a junior mile in under 10 minutes, being one of the top 10 kids to finish. And this after giving up on a junior mile halfway through just a month before. Way to prove to yourself that you can do anything that you set your mind to! 

5. Most importantly, after about only a month of second grade, you were retested and have moved up to the top spelling group in your class. While we have never questioned your intelligence or ability, you have needed to develop listening and focus skills. You have worked hard and the results have paid off. 

Alex, I am so proud of you and hope that you are super proud of yourself. You are a great kid!

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