No more tiny toes

Avery has cute little toes and one of my nicknames for her is 'tiny toes'. In the past couple of days she has insisted that I drop the nickname. In her mind, since she is no longer tiny, she can no longer have tiny toes. Much of this stems from her incredible strength and fearlessness for giving up her pacifier. As of Friday September 16, 2011 Avery has no more paci and she sleeps in a big girl bed instead of a toddler bed and she goes to sleep all on her own. I could not be more proud and hope that she is proud of herself too. 

Saturday morning to celebrate, I took her to the toy store and let her choose ANYTHING she wanted. She chose triplet baby dolls that say 'mama' and make other noises. She hasn't stopped playing with them.

After the toy store, we went to Alex's flag football game (he is a great defensive player, btw - but when did I become such an over-complimentary Jewish mother!) and Avery put all her pacifiers in a plastic bag to give to baby Eva Pittman. Pride, proud, happy mother, happy father, happy children! I love autumn and the start of new things, it really does make sense to have the New Year start now.

And today, Monday, is also the start of new things. Avery had her first ballet class. Rather than pride, I would say the emotion I feel on hearing her reaction is explosive joy. Her exact quote "I have never been so happy in my entire life" was said both at the start and end of class and she paid rapt attention to her teacher and followed everything that the teacher did.

Let's hope that I can continue to appreciate them and their happiness even longer than these sunny crisp fall days last.


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