Imitation as the sincerest form of flattery

Avery likes to copy Alex. As I imagine all younger siblings throughout time have always liked to imitate their older brethren. Alex finds this habit annoying, for the most part (as all older siblings do), but he is kind and sometimes just finds it plain funny.

Over the past year or so, Alex has taken to sleeping in boxers. His bedroom is the hottest in the house during the winter and he just got used to sleeping that way once spring and summer arrived.

Last night, Avery asked if she could sleep just like Alex does - in her underwear only. After her bath, she put on a pair of underwear and started saying in a deep voice "I'm Alex", which made Alex laughed.

Funnier still, after getting into bed, being read stories and sung songs and having once last trip to the bathroom we hear a tiny voice from a floor away calling "Daddy, I need you". Eric races upstairs and returns a few minutes later with a grin on his face. Apparently, Avery's new nighttime apparel had gone awry when a little bear blankie that she sleeps with got stuck in her underwear.

Avery, you are one in a million and no, Alex never encountered this mishap from his sleeping attire!


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