Avery is three years and one month old

Hi Avery,

Just about a month ago you turned three. I think I have stayed away from blogging about this past year of your life because I love you intensely my dear, but you are in fact a terrible two turned terrible three! I know that this behavior will pass and I should write about it right now so that I can tease you years from now when we read this together.

I will start with your birthday party. 16 children and an assortment of 16 mommies, daddies, grandmas and babysitters. I was nervous that it would rain, but the rain held off so we were able to have your abrakadoodle art party all outside in our yard, and eat pink and purple cupcakes and play on the swing set. It was everything a third birthday should be.

You are still great friends with your buddy Abby. You guys don't always like to share, but I do still think you love each other nonetheless.

You no longer wear diapers, not even at night! (But you still love your paci)

You are opinionated. You insist on being a leader. Being given a choice is not enough freedom for you, you must invent the choices on your own.

You scream loudly when you do not get your way.

You hug and kiss your family members with passion and wild abandon (I like to believe that you hug me the tightest).

You are learning how to write letters. You know how to read letters and numbers.

You are one of a kind and I wouldn't have you any other way.

I love you,

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