Good times, bad times you know I've had my share

It has been a weird week.  Alex has been misbehaving at school.  He's misunderstood - I'm not really angry with his behavior, more angry that he doesn't yet know how to work the system and be smart enough to know what people need.  In addition, we've been all sorts of busy with activities and work and life.  And I am just so exhausted by it all.  As sad and tired as I've been feeling, when I stop to reflect I think:

  • If I didn't have these down times in my life, how would I ever appreciate the good?  And there is A LOT of good in this life, I know it.  I am beyond fortunate.
  • And even these down times can't nearly compare to the hardship and sickness that friends and relatives have endured.  Again, beyond fortunate.
  • And even in the bad times, my life is filled with great love.

So I can let the exhaustion wash over me.  It's good to appreciate what I have. It's good to be tired and have to stop all the running.


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