Growing boys and cute things that little girls say

Hi kids,

It has been too long since I have written to you.  Winter seems to be never ending this year, but I think we may be reaching the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

In just a few weeks, Alex will turn ten - double digits! and Avery is not far behind in turning six.

Alex you have been physically growing taller before our very eyes.  In the past month alone, you have grown another half inch and are now just a half inch shy of five feet.  I have also quipped to people lately that you are made out of hamburgers.  This is your favorite food and I indulge you in them to keep up with your never ending hunger.  In fact, this morning when I woke you up for school, you turned over, opened your eyes and said to me, "I am REALLY hungry."  It is a joy and wonder to watch you continue to grow and be healthy and happy.  And just so you remember yourself at this point in time, this video will remind you always of your amazing confidence and talent.

Alex rocks it at his first School of Rock Concert

Avery, you might not be in the middle of a physical growth spurt right now, but you are certainly developing that little mind of yours.  You are trying your hardest to become a reader; we are so proud.  And you continue to have the imagination that even the most creative people yearn for.  I look forward to learning what this unique and incredible creativity means for you in life.

As always, love to you both,


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