Stay golden, Ponyboy

Hey kids,

The title of this post might seem kind of weird, but I hope by the time you are old enough to read this you will have seen all of the movies and read all of the books that have struck a chord with me throughout my life.  If you haven't yet, that quote is from a movie (and a book) called The Outsiders.

Anyway, the real reason that I'm writing is that many of our loved ones are sick - really sick and battling that sickness.  I have written about this sickness before and each time I feel like I have documented it here, lo and behold, I hear of another friend of family member who must be strong and fight disease.  It is horrifying.  We have kept this from you because you are young and you shouldn't have to deal with so much sadness.  In any case, it has me wondering (with much anxiety) if we are truly immune and how or why we are truly immune to disease.  This might be the anxiety talking, but I really do not think that we are safe from sickness so please, please, please remember to find some happiness every day, to tell and show your family and friends that you love them with words, hugs and acts of kindness.

Even if you, G-d willing, never have to deal with such sickness it would make me proud to know that you have the capacity to love and care for those around you and to remain happy throughout life.

I love you,


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